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Careless Driving – Edinburgh JP Court

Client was charged with careless driving in Edinburgh after knocking a motorcyclist off his bike in the New Town.   It was shown that there was fault on either side.  She had 3 points placed on her licence as well as a fine.

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Careless Driving, Ayr Sheriff Court

Four clients were charged with speeding on motor bikes on the A719 by Tarbolton at 91 mph.  The Crown libelled the cases as careless driving. Eventually the Crown could not prove three of the cases. One client pled guilty to an amended charge and obtained penalty points and a […]

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Careless Driving, Stirling JP Court

The client was charged with careless driving in that he rolled his motor vehicle.  It was shown that the Crown did not have any evidence that would support a charge of careless driving.  Accordingly, the client was acquitted in relation to this matter.

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Careless Driving, Dunoon Sheriff Court

The client was an articulated lorry driver who was driving down the A82 when he was involved in a collision with a vehicle travelling the other way.  The evidence showed that the client was partially to blame for the accident. The other vehicle was a car and the occupants were injured. Evidence was […]

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Careless Driving, Glasgow Sheriff Court

The client was charged with careless driving in that he knocked down a pedestrian. It was shown that the pedestrian was at fault and the client’s plea of not guilty was accepted. The Crown were persuaded by the production of a defence report that it was not […]

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